Taking credit for your own achievements

The last few weeks have been a sort of Journey for me; I am in the middle of Job hunting and deciding on what my future looks like - career-wise and job-wise, and it’s never easy. And one thing I have noticed is that I tend to understate my achievements. And I know very well that I am not the only one who does this. And this can have a negative impact since if you don’t talk about your achievements, who else will talk about them? Others can only carry yo; youfar, you need to do it yourself.

As a software engineers with the excitement of our work, we can easily forget, or undervalue our piror achievements in favor of new ones or feel like they weren’t big enough. But the value of achievements varies depending on who you ask. To a business, a small change could have a positive impact and the achievement value enormously, while to your peers in the developer community, this isn’t the case; after all, you just changed the color or size of the button. See what I mean? It depends on who you ask.

So, what am I saying? Don’t shy away from stating your achievements; you are your own greatest ambassador. If you have a habit of forgetting them as time passes, which happens, please note them down and add them to your achievements list, this way it will always be there for all to see.

What advice do you have for people like me, who undervalue their own achievements?